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Meet Our Team

Vineyard Veterinary Hospital is a modern small animal veterinary hospital providing the highest level of veterinary care to our animal patients in the Hawkesbury, Hills area and beyond.

We are an A-class veterinary hospital, which is well equipped with quality facilities and vast range of services. This, along with our experienced, dedicated staff allows us to achieve the reputation that is well known throughout the area.

We understand that your pet is a very special part of your family, and ensure that all animals that enter our clinic get looked after (and pampered) exactly as we would if they were our own!


Dr Robert Zammit
Qualifications: BVSc

Since venturing into the practice by himself in 1980, Robert has turned Vineyard Veterinary Hospital into one of the most well known and admired practices of the area. Rob has dedicated his life to not only caring for animals but also teaching others to enjoy that similar passion. Known for his media work in such programs as A Country Practice, Burkes Backyard and 2GB, Dr Zammit’s first love is veterinary science with a special interest in small animal reproduction work. He lives on the premises with his family, including the numerous pets roaming around.

What Do You Love About What You Do?

I just love helping people and their animals. I really get attached to each pet. I thank god for the gift to be able to relate to animals, understand their needs, and in my own way talk to them.

Its exciting when we do a caesarian as you are helping to bring a new life into the world. At the other end of the scale I hate euthanasia. I know that the time when the pet and family need me most. The day I become complacent about this is the day I will quit veterinary science.

I really am exciting about learning the new frontiers in veterinary science like stem cell therapy. It doesn’t work in all cases, however when it does the results are miraculous.

But the thing I get the greatest pleasure from is when people say thank you because their once ailing pet is well again. I often get goosebumps as I see the family and their pet leave the surgery happy.

Dr Luke Smith
Qualifications: BVSc, BApp Sci (Hons)

Luke has a specialised interest in medical and surgical treatments, and genetics and reproduction. He has been working at the clinic for over two years, and relishes every opportunity to help his clients care for their four-legged, feathered or scaled family members, by communicating important information about animal health and disease. In his free time he takes care of a Bernese Mountain Dog called Betty, an American Staffy called Jake, and two domestic short hair cats named Milly and Henry.

Dr Ciaran Patrick Galvin
Qualifications: MVB Bachelor of Vet Medicine UCD Ireland

Ciaran brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, having worked for over half a decade in mixed practice in both Ireland and Victoria. He has been a permanent staff member at the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital for two years, performing consultations and surgery, as well as radiography, ultrasounds and dentistry. Ciaran is an advocate of the ‘sensible curing approach’ undertaken at the clinic, and is always looking for ways to further develop his advanced surgical skills.

Dr Russell Barnett
Qualifications: BVSc BAnVetBioSc (Hons) (Sydney University)

Russell spends his days consulting with clients on their pet’s health, performing elective and emergency surgeries, and managing inpatient surgical and medical cases. He is particularly interested in small animal medicine, and is currently furthering his education via a specialized course on diabetes and dermatology. Russell has been an indispensable part of the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital team for a year, and relishes seeing pleased pet-owners leave the surgery with well pets. He looks after Bambi a 6-month old Domestic Shorthair he rescued Christmas time last year.

Dr Whitney Ong
Qualifications: BVSc (Sydney University) BS Zoology

Whitney has a special interest in behaviour and exotic animals. Originally from California, she has a vast array of experience with animals in different capacities, including working with dolphins in Hawaii. While at the clinic, Whitney consults with clients, cares for hospitalised patients and performs surgeries. Whitney is the newest addition to Vineyard Veterinary Hospital and is an invaluable part of the team due to her caring nature. She makes sure all the patients in hospital get extra attention and always takes the time to give them some extra love and cuddles.


Brooke Morgan Burke
Qualifications: Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing & Certificate III Medical Terminology

Brooke has been a familiar face at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital for nearly 15 years – such is her passion for her job. She has a breadth of experience under her belt, and spends her shifts sharing her knowledge with junior nursing staff, as well as assisting the vets, and performing general day-to-day hospital-running duties. Brooke relishes the diversity of cases and clients she comes across at the clinic, and has a keen interest in the stem cell laboratory – which she helped establish. At home, Brooke and her son, Nicholas, own three adoring cats named Freckles, Sparkles and Curl.

Laura Northover

Laura has been working at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital as a veterinary nurse since leaving school in 2006, and worked here as a kennel hand during school. Laura is experienced in all aspects of veterinary nursing, with a particular interest in orthopaedic nursing and behavior. Along with Brooke, Laura runs our puppy pre-school class here at the clinic each week. In her spare time is busy at home training her horses which she shows each weekend. Laura is owned by a Burmese cat named Darci, has 4 dogs named Betty, Whoopie, Doogal and Chumlee. She also has 3 horses; a clydie x named Hudson and 2 warmbloods named Illy and Jay Jay.


Kerry Topic
Qualifications: Reception and Administration and Main Switch Board in Emergency Medical

Kerry is the first point-of-contact for customers visiting the vet, and a friendly face readily-available to help the staff and ensure clients leave happy and satisfied after every visit. A self professed ‘crazy animal lover’, she has a keen interest in helping animals, and assisting rescued charges find their ‘forever homes’. She has had the pleasure of working alongside the vet’s highly-experienced and well-respected medical team for almost three years. In her free time she takes care of a motley crew of rescued dogs, as well as a brood of horses and birds.


Qualifications: Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Surgical), Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Certificate III Equine Nursing

Janine began working at the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital after completing two years of TAFE workplace training on-site. Her areas of expertise include surgical nursing, blood collection, processing of pathology samples, and administration of medications and treatments, and she also helps-out with reception, cleaning and animal husbandry duties. Janine is looking forward to undertaking an emergency critical care training course in the near future. At home, she looks after a 6-year-old Percheron Gelding named Maximum, and an 11-year-old domestic short hair cat called Tiger.

Dominique Dailey
Qualifications: Certificate III Veterinary Nursing, Certificate – Mental Health

Dominique’s duties include managing a laboratory and patient hospital care. She has worked at the vet for three years, and has a keen interest in stem cell research and development. She enjoys the variety afforded by her job at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, including nursing animals and being involved in the cutting-edge stem cell treatments performed on-site. At home, she has a three-legged greyhound called Panda, and a wire-hair fox terrier named DJ.

Sammi Coggins
Qualifications: Certificate II Animal Studies, Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Studying Diploma of Emergency and Critical Care

Sammi has a strong interest in emergency and critical care, and has been working at the vet for nearly four years. Her responsibilities include medical nursing, surgical nursing and reception duties, and she loves seeing the happy faces of both animals and owners once the patients are discharged from hospital. At home, Sammi is ‘owned’ by a horse called Zimmy, a German Shepherd named Lilly, and a cockatiel, George – all of whom are incredibly spoiled and consider themselves part-human.

Joanna Muscat
Qualifications: Certificate II – Animal Studies, Certificate IV – Vet Nursing

Joanna’s duties include reception, monitoring anaesthetics, medicating, frozen sperm, accounts, and looking after patients in hospital. She has been working at the vet for seven years, and is particularly interested in animal welfare and rescuing animals. She likes being able to help animals that are unable to help themselves, as well as working alongside such a well-regarded team of vets. She owns two ragdoll cats.

Kathleen Burke
Qualifications: Currently completing Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Kathleen returned to the clinic after leaving a few years ago to pursue a career with the NSW Police Unit. All up she has worked in the animal industry for over 13 years, which is evident in the love and compassion she shows all our patients. Kathleen is experienced in all aspects of veterinary care, be it nursing the animals in hospital, to surgery right through to reception duties. Kathleen has 2 dogs at home, a standard poodle named Zara and a pug named Eddie, both of whom she spoils rotten! Kathleen is extremely passionate about her job and does her utmost to ensure your pet has a nice stay when in hospital.

Ann Powell

Ann has been a valuable member of the team since 2005. Having just returned from maternity leave Ann is now working at the clinic part time. Ann is very experienced in all aspects of veterinary nursing and has a particular interest in canine reproduction. Having loved animals all her life, Ann does her best to ensure all patients are provided with plenty of love and cuddles as well as first rate veterinary care. At home Ann has an adorable son named Connor, the best Irish Setter in the world named Paddy, a Jack Russell named Alvie and 2 horses named China and Chevy.

Kennel Hand

Kerry Mclean

Kerry is a valuable member of the Vineyard team. Kerry is our main morning kennel hand and without her help of a morning the kennels wouldn’t run as smoothly as they do now. Kerry is also experienced at grooming and we often go to her for advice on ensuring our long coated patients remain beautiful throughout their stay. In her spare time Kerry grooms and shows the beautiful Old English Sheepdogs in the Designerz show team and is out showing all around the state most weekends. At home Kerry is owned by a Burmese cat named Yin, and has 3 Old English Sheepdogs named Reeves, Tiki and Indy.

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