We are constantly looking for ways to improve our laboratory here at the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, and have recently invested in a state-of-the-art blood analysis system called the VetScan VS2, which delivers uncompromising diagnostic accuracy from just two drops of whole blood, serum or plasma.

The VetScan VS2 allows us to provide test results in mere minutes, giving us a true edge in emergency situations – in which every minute is crucial to the wellbeing and full recovery of your beloved pet.

Our fully-equipped laboratory also allows us to perform full pre-anaesthetic blood testing on-site, at either a convenient date prior to your pet’s routine surgery, or at time-of-admission in the case of emergency surgery.

Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is an important means for us to check, among other things, the functioning of your pet’s liver and kidneys, to ensure they will be able to break-down and excrete the anaesthetic drugs as required, and therefore make a full recovery post-operation.

For more information about surgical procedures and anaesthetic, including pre-anaesthetic blood testing, please visit our Surgical Procedures and Dentistry page, or feel free to call our Reception.

Together with our on-site laboratory, we also utilise the services of government-certified, external veterinary laboratories, allowing us to provide more specialised testing for your pet including bacteriology, virology, histopathology and other highly-specialised blood-related analyses.