Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

The Vineyard Veterinary Hospital is owned by Dr Robert Zammit, who has over 35 years of clinical experience under his belt, and is-well known for his veterinary media work on 2GB and Burke’s Backyard.

Vineyard Veterinary Hospital is an A-class, small animal hospital, with four vets and an impressive range of advanced medical, diagnostic and surgical facilities.

We pride ourselves on giving our patients the best level of care, starting from basic training at puppy preschool, right through to the extra support required during your pet’s retirement years.

We are well-known for our vast experience in small animal reproduction, and offer clients a range of reproduction services including artificial and frozen insemination, fertility testing and semen storage.

We also provide assistance preparing pets for overseas travel, including pre-exportation blood testing, health checks, certificates and treatments. These services are provided during our normal consultation hours, and may be booked with either of our two Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) certified veterinarians, Dr Zammit and Dr Luke Smith.

Please scroll down to view our list of services, or explore the website for more in-depth information about how the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital can assist your four-legged, feathered or scaly family member.

Our Services

Surgical procedures & dentistry

Orthopaedic surgery – Soft tissue surgery – Modern monitoring equipment – Surgitron laser – Dental machine


Snake and tick antivenom treatments – Blood transfusions – Chemotherapy – Cryotherapy – Fluid infusion pumps – 3M Bair Hugger Therapy under-body heating blankets – Prescription foods and special care diets


Snap tests – In-house urinalysis – Microscopes – Rapid turnaround for blood tests


Digital radiology – Ultrasonography – Endoscopy – Allergy testing

Canine reproduction

Breeding and timing advice – Artificial and surgical insemination – Fertility testing – Semen storage – Humidicrib for newborn puppies

Stem cell therapy

Treatment for osteoarthritis in dogs and cats – Non-invasive – Single-day procedure – Minimises pain and debilitation associated with osteoarthritis

Other services

AQIS-certified pre-exportation examinations and treatments – Puppy pre-school – BAER hearing tests – Free vet alerts

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