Acti-Stem Therapy is commonly used to treat chronic and debilitating conditions including: osteoarthritis; hip dysplasia; and cartilage, ligament and tendon damage.

A drug-free procedure, Acti-Stem Therapy is designed to help your pet heal itself, by boosting the regenerative capability of its own stem cells.

During the same-day procedure, your pet’s stem cells are applied directly to the affected area, helping both to reduce inflammation, and rebuild tissue – bringing your loved one lasting relief.

Vets around the world have been using Acti-Stem Therapy since 2010, during which time thousands of pets have experienced a sustained improvement in their quality of life.

Following are some examples of how the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital has successfully used Acti-Stem Therapy to help heal patients in need.

Jazz: six-year-old Australian Shepherd treated for hip dysplasia Jazz has been part of Diana and Robert Tully’s family since he was a pup.

They are obedience training enthusiasts and had been looking forward to working with Jazz; however their beloved Australian Shepherd pup began to show signs of hip dysplasia at only 18 weeks old, and it was suggested to the Tullys that they would be better off getting another dog.

Of course, Jazz had already won a place in the Tullys’ hearts, and after a course of cartrophen injections at the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital Jazz had improved enough to start training.

Then, as Jazz was approaching six years old, his hip problems re-emerged and he became more unstable. His legs crossed over as he walked and he had difficulty supporting his hind quarters. It was obvious he was in pain.

A further cartrophen injection proved unsuccessful and Jazz’s veterinarian and the owner of the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, Dr Rob Zammit, recommended Acti-Stem Therapy, as the clinic had had previous success using this technique to treat hip dysplasia.

Diana and Robert were quick to agree; they could see Jazz was in pain and were hopeful that they could at least make his life more comfortable. Jazz was treated with his own stem cells, and the Tullys are over the moon with the results.

“Eighteen months after the therapy there are still no signs of any problems and he is completely drug free. Jazz’s favourite game is to run away and wait to be called before coming bounding back and he jumps into the car with no problems. We really recommend Acti-Stem Therapy for other dogs suffering from hip dysplasia,” said Diana.

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