The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life is a critical time which will shape their behaviours and socialisation skills for the rest of their life.

Similar to children being sent to preschool, we encourage puppies to attend preschool classes. Not only is it great fun, but the classes are designed to teach you and your new mate about socialisation with other dogs, basic obedience and how to establish good manners that will stay with them for life.

Class Structure

Puppy pre-school classes are available to all puppies aged between eight and 16 weeks. They are held on Wednesday evenings from 6pm-8pm and go for four weeks. Each class allows time for ‘play time’, basic training, one-on-one instruction and plenty of time to chat with Brooke about other puppy issues that may arise over the weeks.

The classes cost $150 for the four weeks and you do not need to be a client of Vineyard Veterinary Hospital to attend these classes. We encourage all of the family to come along and attend the lessons.

To find out more and enrol in the next class that is commencing, please call (02) 9627 1257 and ask to speak with Brooke.