From conception through to adulthood, we will be there to provide top-notch advice.

The team at the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital boasts over 40 years of practice-based knowledge in order to provide best-in-class advice and services to meet all your pet’s breeding requirements, including optimum mating times, semen analysis, fresh artificial insemination, chilled semen collection and insemination, frozen semen collection, frozen semen insemination, and planning elective caesareans. We are also able to provide assistance in the exportation and importation of frozen semen if required.

Progesterone blood testing

Progesterone testing is a vital element in ensuring a successful mating. Using our top-of-the-range Siemens IMMULITE 1000 Immunoassay System, we can offer progesterone testing on-site, seven days-a-week.

The IMMULITE unit offers rapid turnaround time on all tests, allowing us to provide results in as little as one hour, giving us a timely edge when it comes to ascertaining optimum breeding times for your pet.

Semen collection, insemination and analysis

Fresh artificial insemination and semen analysis services are available at the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital seven days-a-week, during our normal consultation hours. Frozen semen collection appointments are available on weekday mornings only.

All semen collected for analysis or freezing is run through our state-of-the-art CASA SpermVision system – a computer-aided sperm analysis unit that simultaneously evaluates sperm concentration, motility and relevant morphology traits, in a one-step procedure that can be performed within a single consultation. A copy of the report will be provided for pet owners to take home, and we also keep copies of all reports on-file in the clinic.

Semen which has been frozen is run through the system again after freezing, in order to gain an accurate post-thaw analysis report.
The Vineyard Veterinary Hospital stores frozen semen on-site in large, liquid nitrogen-filled semen tanks – which are checked daily – ready for pet owners to access at a time that suits them.

For reproduction enquiries or for further information about our services please feel free to contact our reception.